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Pent-2-Dec XXX Puzzle

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You WILL NEED IT in front of you to prepare the puzzle pieces.

Follow these instructions very carefully, or you may well make the puzzle impossible!

This page shows how to join the pentominoes to form the 10-cube pieces. Note that the orientation of the pieces is often different to the identifying letter by which the piece is known. They are drawn this way to aid assembly. Arrange the pentacube pieces as shown. In the diagrams, the pieces are arranged in pairs, UY, LX, ZP, IF, TN, WV. Put glue on the black square of the left piece, and on the UNDERSIDE of the black square on the right piece (if the manufacturer advises gluing both items to be fixed.) In each pair, place the right hand piece on top of the left hand piece. Do not rotate or flip the right hand piece during this assembly, just move it directly up and to the left. This is why some pieces are drawn above the baseline. For each 10-cube piece, place the pieces together so that the black square on the right piece is immediately above the corresponding square on the left piece. Allow to dry. Assemble into a 5x6x2 solid block.




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